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SPEAKING: The last time that I went to the cinema

The last time that I went to the cinema

Now that you are familiar with vocabulary related to film and with the expression of past time using the past simple and past time expressions, you are ready to tell us about the last time you were at the movies.

I went to the cinema

Cinema. Imaxe en Pxhere. Licenza CC 0


In approximately 1-2 minutes, tell your partner about your last time at the cinema. You need to include information about.

  • When you went
  • Who you went with
  • What the film was and what it was about
  • Your opinion about the film
  • What you did afterwards

You can have Carol's monologue about the time she watched Inside Out as a reference:

Ana Losada e José Luis Murado. CC BY-SA

Bonus Task

You can record your monologue online and listen to yourself. Then, you can send the link to your recording to the teacher for feedback.


How can you do this? It's very easy! Go to and follow the steps explained in this video.

Vocaroo tutorial. Vídeo de Curso Tic Oral Skills en YouTube. Licenza CC BY