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READING: The last time that I went to the cinema

The last time that I went to the cinema

You are going to read a text in which Carol tells about the last time she went to the cinema.



Ana Losada e José Luis Murado. CC BY-SA


Read it carefully and say if the statements below (1-7) are True or False.


Question 1

1. The last time that Carol went to the film was two weeks ago

Question 2

2. She went to the cinema on her own

Question 3

3. The film's protagonist is sad because she has to leave San Francisco

Question 4

4. The film is about how Riley makes 5 new friends

Question 5

5. Carol liked the film very much

Question 6

6. Patty thought the film was too boring

Question 7

7. After the film, Carol and her friends went home

Bonus Task

Below you have the trailer of Inside Out, the last film that Carol saw at the cinema. Watch it and, in pairs, ask and answer this question: Would you like to watch this film? Why (yes/no)?


Inside Out. Official US Trailer. Vídeo de Disney Pixar en YouTube. Licenza YouTube estándar