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PRONUNCIATION: How to pronounce ending ˂-ed˃

To make the past tense of regular verbs, the ending ˂-ed˃ is added to the infinitive. This ending has 3 different pronunciations.Listen and repeat the names. Pay attention to the /d/, /t/ and /Id/ sounds.

Ana Losada e José Luis MuradoCC BY-SA


Ted /d/


Bart /t/


David /Id/


Exercise 1

Listen to the sentences twice. Who is the subject? Pay attention to the pronunciation of ending ˂-ed˃ ineach verb in bold type. Is it Ted /d/, Bart /t/ or David /Id/?

Ana Losada e José Luis Murado.CC BY-SA


Example: David expected a letter.

  1. watched the match yesterday.
  2. called me last week.
  3. cooked a nice meal yesterday afternoon.
  4. enjoyed the concert last Friday.
  5. decided to study French last year.
  6. travelled to New York last summer.
  7. washedthe dishes last week.
  8. painted a lovely picture two days ago.
  9. lived in Italy five years ago.
  10. started Chinese lessons two months ago.

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Exercise 2

Read the following sentences aloud. Draw the table below in your notebook (or copy and paste it on an electronic document) and put each verb in bold type in the correct column as in example 0.

0. Example: I waited half an hour in the queue

  1. I phoned my sister yesterday.
  2. My brother wanted a new computer for Christmas.
  3. Peter kissed Emma at the party last night.
  4. They played football yesterday evening.
  5. The plane landed at 8pm.
  6. They climbed a hill last weekend.
  7. I uploaded a video to Youtube.
  8. We received a postcard yesterday.
  9. I listened to that song one month ago.
  10. I used the web to learn English.


/d/ /t/ /Id/