Augmented reality

Secuencia de aprendizaxe 2: Tecnoloxía

Augmented reality (AR) is a enhance of real-world environment. Our current perception of reality changes because its elements are modified, augmented or supplemented, by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, animations, 2D or 3D models and graphics or GPS data. Nowadays, there are a lot of applications fields but education will be the most important for us.

Animación dunha bolboreta saíndo dun dispositivo móbil asemellando un proceso de realidade aumentada

The goal of this subject is analysing and understanding some sort of software related to augmented reality from a very basic level to a deeper level (we´ll see two aplications open source). In order to achieve this objective we encourage to follow videotitorial step by step, repeting and revising contents as much as you need.

Animación dunha recreación do logotipo de blender

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Actividade con Gimp

Blender: movementos co rato
Blender: creación de personaxe
Blender: xerarquías
Blender: materiais
Blender: animación