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Clun’s Gescarro system

The production of feed for cows is a task that must be carried out on a daily basis within a farm, since it includes the feed that will be offered to the animals.

This system, which consists of a touchscreen PC, 3G modem, a data-connected scale and a thermal printer, facilitates the precise loading of each of the components integrated in the mix.

On the touch screen, the operator will be able to see the ingredients of the ration one by one, informing him/her of the kg that must be loaded of each material and during its execution, seeing a countdown in the kg that are still
to be introduced of that ingredient.

Before mixing in the trolley, the program will remember if any constituents are missing. A countdown of the time necessary for the correct completion of this shall be carried out.

Finally, a process receipt will be printed with the final result of this mix and the execution time. In this invoice there will be three clearly differentiated columns, in one of them the name of the food to be loaded will appear, in
the next column you will see what should have been loaded and will appear with the name of "theoretical kg loaded", and in the last column will appear the kg actually loaded so you can see the kg that go over or under and
thus know if the formula of the stipulated ration fails.

Economic analysis

Investment Cost: The investment capital for a mixing trolley is over 200,000€.


Name: Os Irmandiños S.C.G.
Agricultural Cooperative
Country: Spain
A Rochela, s/n, 27795, Lugo
E-mail: Send Mail
Phone number: +34 982123400


Name: Ganadería José Antonio de Bourio S.C.
Dairy production
Country: Spain
A Rochela, s/n, 27795, Lugo.
Contact: Javier Fernández López
Phone number: +34 620706337


The Gescarro program is very useful in the daily work of the farm because it gives you control over the animals in the environment to the feeding because it is an important tipping point because based on nutrition you can improve or by counter worsening other aspects of the farm such as reproduction, milk production, foot health, health... these aspects are controlled by a nutritionist in a certain way since this formula the ration based on the following.

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by Dr. Radut