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Crop-Farm data analyst

Crop-Farm data analyst

Expert in collecting, analyzing and processing data from multiple sources, in order to anticipate the needs of crops in terms of fertilization, pest control, disease, etc.
Early warning services for phytopathological control
Services of alert and meteorological control and water needs
Fertilizer control and plant growth control services

Related technologies


SensITG is a Wireless Sensor Network for crops control. SensITG main characteristics are low cost and easy use, trying to break the walls of technology in the sector.

Oz Weeding Robot

The Oz weeding robot helps during weeding and hoeing chores in order to increase profitability while respecting the environment. It is designed to improve working conditions and reduce daily workload. Oz is entirely autonomous but it is possible to guide it.


Autofarm was born with the objective of simplifying the monitoring and management of livestock farms, combining an easy-to-use and comprehensible system with the possibility of obtaining large amounts of data in real time from any point to be monitored.


SMARTBOW locates your animals in the barn, detects heat and changes in rumination behavior. You get alerts on PC, Smartphone or Tablet. Your work is getting much easier and more profitable

Decision support system to optimize irrigation

Decision support system that combines data on soil moisture and air temperature, plant type and weather conditions, to schedule irrigation times and determine irrigation dosing.


Experimental device for testing large scale innovative solutions in the connected agriculture market

by Dr. Radut