Carta Erasmus

D. Erasmus Policy Statement(Overall Strategy)


Please be aware that your Erasmus Policy Statement should reflect your intended involvement in Erasmus+. Should you wish to add additional activities in the future you will have to amend your Erasmus Policy Statement and inform your respective National Agency accordingly.


The Institution agrees to publish this overall strategy (all three parts of the Part D) on its website within one month after reception of the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education from the EACEA.


Please describe your institution's international (EU and non-EU) strategy. In your description please explain a) how you choose your partners, b) in which geographical area(s) and c) the most important objectives and target groups of your mobility activities (with regard to staff and students in first, second and third cycles, including study and training, and short cycles). If applicable, also explain how your institution participates in the development of double/multiple/joint degrees:


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