Libros de Texto para o curso 2009-2010

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A Competencia Lingüística

Tríptico editado polo centro sobre a competencia lingüística

Club Voleibol Zalaeta

O mes de Abril deixounos momentos deportivos moi doces, e outros como conta Jorge Barrero moi amargos...Lembrando



Watch the video and then tick where Mr. Madman has used his mobile. The think about when and where is acceptable to use yours and why.


At a bingo         
At a meeting         Inconsiderate and rude
At home          
In a boat tour          
In a concert          
In a hospital          
In a restaurant            
In an art gallery          
In an Internet café        
In class         The teacher would be delighted….
In the library          
In the park          
In the supermarket        
On a scooter          
In a toilet          
On a train          
When you are alone        
When you feel lonely        



 Now, perhaps you, teenagers, who are the gadget generation, will feel like learning some of that cryptic texting language in English. If so, you can have a look at the digital encyclopedia: wikipedia. Click on the link at the bottom of the page learn how these abbreviations have come into existence and make a list of the most common. As a follow-up exercise you could form a texting club and exchange messages in English for fun. Mind you!: Write them on slips of paper or you would run up a huge telephone bill. 



THE GIANT'S CAUSEWAY. Footprint reading library.

Along the coast of Northern Ireland, there is an unusual place called "The Giant's Causeway." According to a local story, a big man, or "giant", made it. Scientists, however, have a different story. How was this unusual place created? Was there really a giant?

(Welcome the sight and sounds of the world with the Footprint Reading library. Accompanied by original video material developed by National Geographic Digital Media, this is the first non fiction reading series to present fascinating real-world stories in three formats: print, audio and video. )

If you want to see the front cover click here: Front Cover

If you want to see a sample of the book click here: Sample

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