Unit 2 :The things we do. Revision Student's book

As actividades de 3 estrelas son opcionais, se saberes e quereres, xenial!

Vocabulary and listening, Page, 22, act. 1-2

Video: A day in the life of an American teenager, page 23

Reading: Caitlin´s day, page 24, act. 2-3

Grammar and videos page 25, act 5-6-7 and  page 27 6,7,8

Free time activities. Voc. and Listening, page 26 act. 1,2,3,4

Workbook . Unit 2

Tendes que facer todas as que aparecenO que tendes que facer para que eu vexa se traballáchedes a unidade.

Vocabulary. page, 16, act. todas as actividades 

Grammar, páxina 17, todas

Vocabulary, page 18, todas

Grammar , page 19

Reading, page 21

Writing: page22, act. 1 e 2

Cumulative review, page 23

As actividades para facer en Igualdade , Irán aparecendo no Foro de Novas.

Remember that we are using the following email address to keep  in touch : receive and send the activities back , ask  doubts ,etc. I find it easier to send the videos and attach documents this way .


Welcome all of you. I hope you and your loved ones are alright. This is going to feel a bit weird, but we´ll try to make it work. I think I am going to be basically using the "Foro", because each time I tried to upload some content in Tema 1, Tema 2 etc I couldn´t do it. So, The "Foro" will be our basic communication tool. This is an outline of what we will be doing:

Week 1: We´ll finish off unit 4, doing some vocab, listening and revision activities. All exams have been postponed until further notice, but when we do them, they will cover all the contents studied up to this first week of the lockdown (encierro, confinamiento)

Week 2: We´ll be starting the 3rd term.