Raw materials, technical materials and their manufactured goods

Think for a moment about all the different kinds of materials which are in use today, and their many differetns forms. We have an enormous range at our disposal and new materials are being developed all the time.

Anyone involve in designing and making needs to know what materials are available, how they behave, how to obtain them and how to use them. This knowledge provides  useful resources. Let's start from the beginning....

Raw materials are substances that are extracted directly from natural objects. They can be classified into three categories:

  • animal: wool,silk, hides
  • vegetal: cotton, wood, cork, linen
  • mineral: copper, marble, clay, iron

Raw materials are transformed  by physical and chemicals processes into the various types of materials that are used for manufacturing. they are prepared so that they are ready to use for making many different products called manufactured goods.

Technical materials are common materials used to make manufactured goods. Glass, steel and metals, plastic, porcelain and ceramics, planks or concrete are examples of materials.

Manufactures Goods are any objects create by humans to satisfy their needs and improve their standard of living. We get raw materials from nature, we process them to make materials and finally we make goods with these materials.

Have a look at this chart with the most common materials and their related manufactured goods!!

Technical materials

Manufactured goods


Furniture as bookshelves, chairs and tables, papers, floors, construction materials, wall pannelling, tool handles, decorative objects


Tubing, packaging, toys, covering of wires, PVC, nylon, rubber


Construction materials, decorative objects, marble sculpture


Structural components, electrical components, machine parts, tools, fixtures and fasteners


Bricks, roofing tiles and other construction materials, plates and bowls, decorative objects, sinks, glass


Threads, leather, clothing