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Centro Autonómico de Formación e Innovación - Consellería de Cultura, Educación e Ordenación Universitaria

The Red de Formación de Profesorado (Network for Teachers' Continuing Education) is responsible for the continuing education of around 30.000 teachers of all pre-university levels (preschool, primary, secondary and high-school and VET), working in schools sustained by the government (public and private with public support). This Network comprises seven CFRs (Centers for Continuing Education and Resources) and the CAFI (Regional Center for Innovation and Teachers' Continuing Education).
The CAFI takes care of the e-learning platform and is responsible for the design and evaluation of innovative instructional programs, as well as other innovative initiatives for the whole Network.





Education Development Centre (EDC)

is the biggest institution affiliate to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania. EDC participates in national policy making and high quality implementation in the field of general education and informal children and adult education.

EDC staff consists of more than 100 professionals in education: primary, lower and upper secondary education and informal education experts.


We actively aim:

  • to form general education curriculum, which corresponds to the needs of society;
  • to initiate, create and implement innovations in education;
  • to implement in-service teacher training programmes and execute accreditation of education institutions;
  • to initiate and implement necessary quality assurance activities in general and informal education.




The General Directorate of Educational Innovation and Teacher Training is a management Center of the Department of Education in Castilla - Leon.
Its responsibilities are the areas of quality, special educational needs, teacher training and education innovation. Teacher training will be directly involved in the project.
The network of Teacher Training Centres comprises 13 local teacher training Centres and three Regional Teacher training Centres. This network is responsible for the continuing education of around 50.000 in-service teachers.

This service is responsible for establishing laws and regulations and the definition of the strategy for the development of the lifelong training for teachers.

Our service has been responsible for the training of teachers since 2000. During these 15 years we have done extensive work in planning teacher training adapting it to the educational reality in Castilla- León,
promoting a model training to serve the needs of the educational system without forgetting the needs that every teacher has in their daily professional performance.



IPL instituto politécnico de Leiria

IPLeiria is a public institution for higher education that was born in 1980. It develops its activity in the region of Leiria and West through its five colleges.
IPLeiria has 11.000 students and 900 teachers participating in over 150 different degrees (bachelor, master, postgraduation and higher technical and professional courses). Its range of knowledge comprises the areas of Education and Social Science, Engeneering and Technologies, Arts and Design, Tourism, Health and Sports, Business Studies and Law.



PH Wien

The biggest educational college of Austria offers at present 8 teaching studies to the "Bachelor of Education" (duration 6 terms) in which about 2770 teaching students as well as students from other educational occupational fields (such as leisure education) take part.
Practice and apprenticeship are given great importance in these studies. The campus is about 53.000 m2 and it counts with a practice elementary school and a practice middle school with 400 pupils and female pupils altogether. In addition, the practical education takes place in more than 500 Viennese schools in cooperation with the Vienna School Board.

Around 58.000 event visits of about 2600 advanced training events take place every year.

The educational college Vienna sees itself committed to teaching-apprenticeship, research and quality assurance according to the following guidelines:

  • Impulse-giving and demand-oriented educational offers
  • Professional design oriented to personality
  • Research-led and Praxis based teaching and learning
  • Construction of potentialities based on diversity sustainable internationalization



LFEE Europe

LFEE Europe has been a Comenius course provider since 2002, delivering expert professional development training for teachers. Based in Edinburgh, LFEE Europe’s teaching team consists of French, English and Spanish native speakers.

LFEE Europe is a recognised provider of the Scottish national PLL (Primary Language Learning) training programme and also creates workshops tailor-made to the needs of staff leading, teaching and supporting the delivery of languages in primary and secondary schools.

LFEE also provides tailor-made training programmes for monitoring Scottish schools: roles, responsibilities and evluation. These programmes are targeted to groups  of Education Inspectors, trainers, teachers, Head teachers or management staff.