Photography and writing contest: capturing public spaces

Photography contestThe English department at EOI de Santiago de Compostela invites all C1 and C2 students to enter this contest, inspired by the Jane’s Walk Global Movement.

With your photograph and your writing, you fully capture the value of public space in terms of urban planning, architecture, community life, and/or personal experience.

Your text can be descriptive, narrative, or expository, and your style can be journalistic, literary, or factual.

  •     Open to all current C level students at EOI de Santiago de Compostela (Vite and seccións).
  •     Each submission consists of one photograph in JPG format and one text (100-150 words, including the title).
  •     Participants must submit their works by email
  •     Individuals may enter more than one submission.
  •     Submissions will be accepted from April 8th, 2021 through April 25th, 2021.

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Organised by the English Department

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