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Our teacher Carmen María Fernández Rodríguez is carrying out the project STORIES TIME CAPSULE. The main aim of this project is to get acquainted with the history of our city through the narrations from people and it will both provide students with a clear view of all the changes that took place during the past years and will allow the participants to compare urban changes around them with those in other countries. The students will be involved in collaborative communication activities referring to the project both in national and transnational groups. All the input and data sharing will enable students to reflect on historical legacy and the present and future projection of their city. 


The languages of the project are English, Greek, Spanish, Galician, French, Turkish, Italian and Croatian. There will be more 100 participants and the time period of the project will be from October 2019 to April 2020.


This cross-curricular project deals with citizenship, environmental education, European Studies, geography, history of culture, ICT, geology, history, language and literature and social studies.


The main aims of the project are: 

To work collaboratively in a team.

  • To communicate with people of different age groups
  • To get to know better their city,
  • To evaluate the importance of physical environment for the creation of the local history of a city.
  • To explore the diversity of narrations as a form of “oral literature”
  • To reflect upon the value of oral local history and its preservation.
  • To discover the similarities and differences between the stories of various people.
  • To make assumption on the cultural and social characteristics which are detected in different stories.
  • To expand their communicative abilities.