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Lingua Extranxeira

The Pad Game!

We start the new course 2019-2020! How are you? We hope you´re OK. So... What´s the best way to learn the most paramount colors? With a pad! These first weeks we were teaching the basic colors: blue, red, yellow and green. So, thanks to the huge pad we have in our classroom, we played a game. The teacher says one color, and kids must run towards it very fast! Those who approach late are removed, and there will be just one winner! Or maybe a draw!


International Day of peace

O pasado 30 de Xaneiro on motivo do " International Day of peace"  levamos a cabo unha serie de actividades na aula de Inglés na que participaron os nenos de 3, 4 e 5 anos.

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by Dr. Radut