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Lingua Inglesa

We Are The Champions (Queen cover)


Summer is here! With better or worse results, we all survived this rainy academic year. We are all champions!

Cinderella Bigfoot



For the theatre week, the Viñabig students made their English teacher proud by doing a pretty good job in this adaptation from an adaptation by Mike Thaler of the classic folk tale, "Cinderella".

School Is Made For Learning (Nancy Sinatra's "These Boots Are Made For Walking" cover)



Viñasmall students singing a song about them getting on their English teacher nerves.

Imagine (John Lennon cover)


For January 30th, the Viñagrandes and Viñamedios sang a song about a better future, a future of peace.

Traballando o Futuro en Inglés.

Practicando o futuro en Inglés.

Aquí veredes o que nos gustaría ser cando sexamos maiores os vosos compañeiros e compañeiras de 6º de Primaria.


Traballo para 1º Ciclo Primaria

Imos ver si nos sae este pequeno traballo sobre algunhas das froitas en Inglés.

Aquí só veredes unha imaxen, pero explicareivos o que tendes que facer. 


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