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Hello IES Mos. 


My name is Jessica Wallace and I am from California in the United States. I moved to Vigo in September to help teach English here in Mos and I am really excited about this year. I am 22 years old and just graduated from Pepperdine University in Malibu, California in May 2010. This is my first time to be a teacher. 

 I have a wonderful family in California. My mom´s name is Andrea and my dad´s name is Jim. My mom volunteers in a hospital and my dad is a farmer. My dad farms three types of food: rice, tomatoes, and beans. I have two younger brothers. Eric is 19 years old and is starting his first year at the University or Oregon. Garrett is 15 years old and is an incredible football and basketball player. This past summer before I arrived in Spain my brothers and I worked on the farm with my dad. We learned to drive tractors, plant seeds, and water the plants. 


My family has many hobbies, but our two favorite hobbies are wakeboarding and snowboarding. In the summer we like to go to the river with our boat and go wakeboarding, and in the winter we go to the mountains to go snowboarding. 


I am very excited to be at this school for this year. I am having a lot of fun already and think all the students and teachers at this school are very welcoming. I hope we continue to have a good year together. 



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