Programa PIALE. Fase de elaboración de materiais 2015/16.

Os materiais elaborados nesta fase son os que se adxuntan a continuación. O contido prinicpal é: Most frequent Phrasal Verbs.

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Theatre in English

Enjoy this photographic report on CLEVER PANTS' performance last Monday at Cabana's Auditorium.

Teatro en Inglés on PhotoPeach

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Heroes and Villains in Dickens' Novels

We are celebrating the 200th birthday of Charles Dickens this week

If you want to play  with us, click HERE. You just have to do a very

easy  matching exercise

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Writing a biography: Beyoncé

You are going to watch a mini biography of the world-famous singer Beyoncé.  

Take notes while watching the video and write a biography about her.

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