LISTENING practice through VIDEOS

Five Minutes with: Elle Macpherson ( )

On the link above, listen to this BBC 5-minute interview to Elle Macpherson, a famous model and fashion designer and then answer the questions that follow.


Which sentence does E M say in French?

How does she see herself now, more as a model or as a businesswoman?

How old was she when she started to do business?

What does she consider to be her biggest achievements in life?

Name three adjectives that she uses to descibe what to be a single mother is like.

Where is she from?

What does she think about the British men?

For EM, the most important qualities in a man are...

What are her memories from growing up in Australia?

How does she wind down (= relax) ?

Her favourite sports?

What is the final question -  before the bell goes - that she seems to be embarrased to answer?

Finally, she says that she likes __________________

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