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Someso 6, 15008 A Coruña Tfno: 881880001

Welcome to our website


Welcome to our website! I hope that this will help you to easily access information about our school


Our  educational model is in a continuous process of redevelopment that changes our educational offering year by year. Therefore our website is helpful if you  require any information about Vocational Education and Training (VET), Assessment and Acreditation of Professional Skills, Lifelong Learning, access exams to VET and job vacancies, Dual vocational training ann online vocational training.
Since being found in 1960, our center has constantly increased its educational offer by adhering to needs and requirements to the different professional families. We do this by continuously changing and adapting to the new social and technological challenges and using new initiative ideas and resources.
With all the commitment and effort put in by all of our hardworking staff here at our centre, from 2012 we now hold a Quality Certification according to the ISO 9001 standards.  

Other challenges we face are: the development of projects focused on the transfer of innovation and knowledge in our students’ education, as well as the  mobility of our students and teachers within the  European Union. This internationalisation is a priority for our centre. Since we obtained the Erasmus Charter, we participate in the Erasmus and Comenius programme. Our commitment of internationalisation is to be completed with the assistance of the English and Italian bilingual sections.
We are conscious that with the training of our young generation carries great responsibility, for an increasingly modernising world. With this is mind, nobdy can deny the importance that lies in the students’ training which contain  values such as the coexistence in society, gender equality, respect and solidarity. That is the reason why we give personal guidance that allows the personal and profesional development of the student.
I invite you to take advantage of what our website has to offer and I hope that it gives you a clear and detailled representation of our centre.

Headmaster of CIFP Someso.

Juan Carlos González Purriños