October 2018


Welcome to a new school year! 

We have started October with Jesse, our language auxiliar. He is American. He is from ToledoOhio


Toledo is close to Toronto, Canada. That is the city where our last auxiliar Stephanie lives.

  They are only separated by Lake Erie.

Look for Toledo and Toronto on this map:


Children have started with lots of energy this year! We prepared a special activity for welcoming Jesse on his first day at school.

All the Primary children made this lovely and loooong mural:  



Jesse is going to give linguistic support in English to our students in Primary , during Art and English classes.

For introducing himself, he prepared an amazing presentation.

He explained lots of interesting things about Toledo (the "Glass City") and about himself. He talked about his state, family, hobbies, job, favourite things, pets,...


Here are some of the things he talked about in class:


Thank you, Jesse!! We are lucky to have you here... Children are going to learn a lot and have  fun with you this year!



PRESENTACIÓN JESSE modificada.pdf13.54 MB