June 2018


Our students said goodbye to Stephanie, expressing their love, best wishes and thanks for her help. 

  Certainly, our Canadian language assistant is going to be in their hearts forever... She has been really charming with all the children.




We made a book with all the pictures that the kids drew for her.

Children: she loved all your drawings!!

They are wonderful!!


For the farewell, Stephanie made delicious Canadian cookies: mapple syrup cookies.
What a lovely girl!! Eveybody wants the recipe, of course...

Thank you, Stephanie, for this amazing year! Thanks for every moment in our Arts and English class and for sharing with us your sweetness, your art lessons, your culture, your favourite readings and games... everything!!
Have a nice summer and good luck in your new projects! You will be always in our hearts and we will miss you next year, you know... 
See you soon!