Arts & Crafts

Here are some of the projects we did during the first term in the Art Room


1st Graders made an Autumn Pumpkin Collage

1st Graders stamped Poinsettia Flowers for Chistmas

1st Graders were inspired by Paul Klee to make their watercolor fish


2nd Graders learned about Paul Klee and they made their own Cat and Bird using chalk pastels

2nd Grade Winter Project using printing technique


A little bit of our 2nd term


foto 1. 1st grade kids learnt how to weave.




Foto 2. 1st grade kids learnt how to weave

foto 3. Weaving 1st Grade

foto 4. 2nd grade painted their paper plates and used yarn for weaving

foto 5. 1st grade Kids learnt how make Painted Paper for future projects

foto6. Henri Matisse Mural 


foto7. 2nd grade painted their version of Matisse Apples 

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