ENglish week

From Sunday 1 to Saturday 7, 25 of our  6th graders and the PE teacher, Jose, are going to  participate in the English week programme in Os Peares.

 It is an Language Inmersion  organized by Xunta de Galicia.

This activity is designed to improve both verbal fluency and oral comprehension and increase students'confidence in unexpected oral situations.They are going to learn about recycling, pollution, greenhouse effect, enviroment, ...

They'll  meet pupils from another schools

CEIP Plurilingüe Mestre Ramiro Sabell Mosquera  in Ponteareas, CEIP Plurilingüe Vista Alegre in  Burela and CPI Plurilingüe Santa Lucía in Moraña


Emoji enjoy

Let's enjoy the week!

day 1           day 2          day 3          day4            day 5

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Last photo Os Peares


Peares group 2


Peares group 1


And The last LIP DUB Vídeo

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