Compartindo información cos outros colexios


Este é un exemplo de cómo nos poñemos en contacto cos outros colexios participantes no proxecto. Dándolles a coñecer o que fai o alumnado de 5ºB. 

Como xa se dixo anteriormente, a ver se os nosos estudantes se animan a crear algún reto e compartilo cos demais centros. 


Hello everyone,

Let us begin, In our school we have used a variation of a cooperative strategy to come to understand: what is play?.

In Spanish it is called “folio giratorio” ( literally: spin the sheet) but I don't know what the real name is in English. Round Robin is quite similar.

Teacher give an open- ended topic: What is play ?

1. Each team consist of six children and they are given a pdf with instructions. Like the one you can see bellow.


Each student will write a word or phrase that reflects what it is for them: to play. Students take turns writing their ideas. This continues until everyone has had a turn. When they finish with all the words, they organize them and reflect on what they have written.

Here, you can see an example:


In our case, all the words have been added to a mindmap that we show bellow.



We hope you like it. 

And now, we are in : "More than just play".