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PDI: "Galicianise yourself"



As you know, the topic of the PDI of this school year is “Galeguízate”  Well, in the English classroom we tried to give it an English “touch” and share it with our friends of a school in Manchester: St. James´ C of E Primary School.

What could we do?Well, first we translated the name of the project into English: “GALICIANISE YOURSELF”. Then we asked for some help to our dear native speakers: Susana Barreiro and Declan Mathews, regular collaborators of our school. Also, we invited Critina Pato and Marc Guscin to come and visit us. Finally, and after some research, we tried to explain our penpals in Manchester who we are. We divided our work in 3 terms:

      1.- During the first term we introduced ourselves as Galicians with the help of Susana Barreiro and Cristina Pato. 

      2.- On the second term we found out more our ancestors, the Celts, with Declan Mathews. 

      3.- And finally, on the third term, we discovered other Coruñas around the world thanks to Marc Guscin.

And we recorded everything in the school radio to send some podcasts to Manchester. And they love our Project! 

Do you want to know more about it? Are you ready for a "Galician experience" in English? Take a look at this presentation: it is full of surprises!



blog | by Dr. Radut