October 13 Report (1st to 13th)

Report 1 : October 13 2021 (Report of adctivities from October 1-13 2021)

The activity prepared for the arts and crafts from sections 1st to 6th grade consisted of the collection of leaves around the school area and forming any animal. The children had to use the leaves and cut or tailor them to form the different parts of an animal and afterwards, the leaves would be pasted on a piece of paper. Maria (Principal) and I would help the children come up with ideas and stick the animals to the respective art boards of the students. As for the younger students, an activity with Antia was provided to teach kids the different kinds of items that you see in autumn (pumpkins, leaves, etc.) and I was tasked to teach them how to draw these things while doing it in english.

English lessons from 1st grade to 5th grade mainly relied on the activities provided by the book. The 5th grade focused more on numbers, 3rd grade with days and months, 4th grade with city locations, and 2nd grade with rooms in the house. Some of the classes became challenging because the books would no longer be provided for the school year. Teresa (my english coordinator) and I planned accordingly and either had everyone do the activities through a projector where everyone could listen, or provide photocopies of the book so that students had a more hands on experience. 

For future auxiliares de conversa or anyone going to teach english in this institution, it is very important to repeat and reinforce the students to interact with you in english. Children in general respond very well to positive reinforcement when it comes to recitation and I think that games that are integrated to the lesson can help students remember things better. 

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